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Behind Hotel Chaitanya Classic

Nagapur, Ahmednagar 414111

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Managing Trustee

Dr. Shri. Subhash Mhaske
M.S (Ortho) / Managing Trustee
Dr. Mrs. Sumati Mhaske
M.B.B.S, D.A / Trustee
Dr. Shri. Abhitej Mhaske
M.S (Ortho) / Trustee
Dr. Mrs. Dipti Thakare
B.D.S / Trustee

Activities of Trust

Kakasaheb Mhaske Memorial Medical Foundation is a socio-medical and Educational trust through which we are working in urban and specially in rural areas. It was started in 1983 in the name of Kakasaheb Mhaske Ex. M.L.A. Ahmednagar Taluka.
The educational institutions is situated on 17 acres of land. The other projects and activities run by the foundation are:

  • Kakasaheb Mhaske Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital and Post Graduate Institute, Ahmednagar
  • Parvati Mhaske Institue of Nursing Science
  • Kakasaheb Mhaske College of Pharmacy [D.Pharm]
  • Kakasaheb Mhaske Kamgar Hospital
  • Rural Health Centers at Bhingar, Pandhari Pool, Nimbodi, Ukkadgam and Savedi
  • Kakasaheb Mhaske Primary and Secondary Schools, Mandhve
  • Kakasaheb Mhaske Primary & Secondary School, Sahayadri Public School [English Medium] CBS Pattern