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Medical science exhibition held on 2.3.2020. Model’s prepared by students of 1st year BHMS….

Guided by
1) Department of Anatomy-Dr. Punam Gaikwad,
Dr. Aishwarya Chipade
2)Department of Physiology -Dr. Neelima Gore, Dr Ashlesha Shahane
3) Department of homoeoepathic pharmacy – Dr Aarti Kulkarni.

Inauguration was done by – Dr Vivek Rege & Dr. Jayant Shinde.

Exhibition was visited by honourable Dr. Subhash Mhaske Sir, all 1-4 Yr students of Mhaske college, students of pharmacy college and nursing college.

Efforts of the first year students on working models were marvelleous…..

All teaching and non teaching staff was also present….




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